The mission of the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation ( the “NDC”) is to build a better, stronger community in Codman Square and South Dorchester by creating housing and commercial spaces that are safe, sustainable, and affordable, promoting financial and economic stability for residents and for the neighborhood, and providing residents of all ages with opportunities and skills to empower themselves to improve their lives.

    • Vision Statement: We envision a neighborhood where residents, businesses, and organizations foster a healthy, thriving and equitable community.

    • Mission Statement: We build a cohesive and resilient community in Codman Square and South Dorchester, develop affordable housing and commercial spaces that are safe and sustainable, and promote economic stability for low and moderate income residents of all ages.

    The Real Estate Development Initiative includes the rehabilitation and construction of housing, open space and commercial real estate development, and the provision of supportive resident services for renters and homeowners.

    The Economic Development Initiative includes economic development activities that lead to a stable and economically viable commercial district, employment and business development opportunities for community residents, a well-prepared workforce, and the creation of assets and wealth among community residents.

    The Community Building Initiative includes activities that allow the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation to help strengthen the community by engaging in community planning and working together with residents, other non-profits, and local businesses to gather diverse community input, encourage civic participation and increase community influence in decision making and resource allocation, and participate in collaborative efforts to develop comprehensive plans for the service area.



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Funders, Collaborators & Partners

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A list of all those who are truly making a difference in this world at the end of the day by their generous donations of time, energy and/or financial contribution (listed in annual report). It is because of them that our neighborhoods are one of the best places to live, work and raise a family throughout our fine state!